Why Parrots Can Talk

parrotYou may be wondering, “Why can parrots talk?” Well, I have the answer for you! The answer may surprise you!

Scientists have been studying this for years. Some have thought it was due to hardwiring in their brains. They suspected it also has to do with the reason some parrots dance to music. Other scientists thought it was because parrots in the wild mimic other birds to communicate. So when they hear their owners speaking, they mimic them to communicate.

Peer pressure. You may be wondering what that has to do with this. Parrots feel pressure to fit in, if it’s with people or other parrots. Parrots like to fit in with their “flock”. They’ll copy and mimic their new “flock members. They also learn best by mimicking then just by listening. 

Determination is a key factor in learning a new way to speak. Parrots have that and inspiration. With both of those, they can be compelled to learn the language of their owner. Even phrases their owner might say.

Parrots may not exactly understand what they’re saying also. If their owner comes home and says, “Hello!” Your parrot may also say it thinking it means when a person enters the room. But parrots mean well. They copy the context of the saying, and how the owner says the words or phrases.

Parrots are very interesting birds. They are one of the two human speaking animals alive. I hope this short article opened your eyes to how and why they speak. 


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