What does a parrot eat?

You may wonder, what do parrots eat? Well, I have the answer. Parrots can eat a variety of things. I am going to inform and educate you about the types of foods that parrots can and do eat. I will tell you the dietary nutrition of all parrots, domesticated pet parrots, parrots that live out in their habitat, and parrots that live in zoos.

First of all, parrots need all the food groups, especially protein, fruits, and vegetables. Most parrots could survive off of vegetables and fruit, though it’s not recommended. It is recommended to feed your parrot some protein here and there. Most parrots survive in their natural habitat, meaning they have to eat what they can get. They will survive from the nutrients around them. Fruits, vegetables, plants, nuts, and occasionally insects. Parrots can eat almost anything, one species can eat sheep. Parrots eat what they can get, and what is available.

All parrots are different, but each mainly consists of about the same regime. Fruits and vegetables are great for your parrot! Freshly grown fruit and vegetables are best. A parrots main diet is based off of fruits and berries. Every parrot needs some organic fruits and vegetables to maintain a happy and healthy life. Until the 1960s, most parrot owners would feed there parrots a seed and pellet based diet. Though most parrots favorite foods are seeds, parrots need more than that for their regime. These seeds lacked the vitamins that are crucial to a parrot’s life. Dr Ted Lafeber, discovered that parrots that were fed fruits lived a longer and healthier life than parrots on the seed or pellet based diets.

Parrots are natural herbivores. That means their digestive system can process many types of plants, including grasses. Each parrot is different, most parrots are omnivores. Meaning they mainly eat insects, but can also eat plants! No matter omnivores, or herbivores, all parrots share one thing in common. Every parrot eats some sort of fruit or vegetable! Each habitat offers food for a parrot, from berries to sheep. Healthy foods, are highly encouraged for parrots. If you have a parrot living with you, go ahead and give it some insects, grass, nuts, berries, vegetables, seeds, and meat! 

Did you know, parrots beaks are strong enough to crack open nuts! Their beaks are long and curved enough to crack open the tough shell of nuts or seeds, and scoop the inside from the shell.A parrots beak help parrots taste their food. The roof of their beak has the taste glands. Their beaks can even help them get nectar from flowers. Parrots may also use their beak to grind down their food before eating it.

From parrots living in tropical areas, parrots in zoos, all the way to parrots in your home, parrots need a diet as colorful as they are themselves! From every item parrots will eat, parrots have an excellent diet that satisfying to them. Their diet makes sure they will live and maintain a happy and healthy life! 

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