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Perches for Parrots

Parrots come nearly first place with regards to pet feathered creatures. At the point when given a decision of pet winged creatures to have, numerous individuals lean toward t have a parrot. Parrots are most loved due to numerous reasons. They are canny and are anything but difficult to prepare. Another explanation with respect to why individuals like to have parrots is on the grounds that they have a high life expectancy, in some cases as much as fifty years. Due to this explanation, parrots can be […]

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Food for Parrots

When deciding on the right type of food for your parrots you also need to be mindful of what they would generally consume out there in the wilderness. Finding a diet that best suits their natural/wild diet is best and will help avoid health complications and problems. Your parrots food must consist of a variety of items but in the case of vegetables and fruits it is vital that they are as fresh as possible. And this means they are likely to go rotten much sooner and […]

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Raising a Healthy Bird 8 Tips

1. If you want your bird to live a lengthy and prosperous life it is essential to feed it in a healthy way. Birds often die considerably younger because they are malnourished or they catch a disease because they were not being fed properly. 2. Parrots should be fed a variety of foods. Seeds are used by most as the major part of the parrot’s diet and this not good. Seeds have large amounts of fat, not where near enough protein and pretty much no vitamins. Seeds […]

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