Raising a Healthy Bird 8 Tips

1. If you want your bird to live a lengthy and prosperous life it is essential to feed it in a healthy way. Birds often die considerably younger because they are malnourished or they catch a disease because they were not being fed properly.

2. Parrots should be fed a variety of foods. Seeds are used by most as the major part of the parrot’s diet and this not good. Seeds have large amounts of fat, not where near enough protein and pretty much no vitamins. Seeds should not make up over 50 percent of your bird’s diet.

3. Try healthy foods like items that contain whole grains: pretzels, pasta and whole wheat bread. Many birds can adapt to eating different foods, such as, to eat dairy and poultry products. Try serving your bird cheese (containing low fat), yogurt and chicken. Avoid any food that has a high quantity of fat and stay away from avocados, they are poisonous to birds!

4. Beans and legumes and fruits and vegetables are a good source of nutrition for your pet bird. It may take quite awhile to get your feathery friend to except these changes, (about a year) but it is the best thing for your bird.

5. When you get ready to make the changes we have suggested in this list, do it slowly. Allow the bird to nibble the fresh foods twice a day for about an hour at each feeding. Don’t leave fresh food in the cage longer than that. It becomes unappetizing and can develop bad bacteria.

6. Feeding your bird two times a day is a good idea. Your bird will become hungry between meals and this practice produces a bird that likes to be active. With a healthy eating pattern the bird is more likely to try new foods. You will also be able to keep a closer watch on how much your bird is consuming. (If your bird is sick, laying eggs, caring for young, or nesting they should always have food and medicine available.) When food consumption drops, a bird is usually ill.

7. If your bird is having a hard time getting used to the new diet suggested in this article, try warming the food or cooking the vegetables. It will take a little time to discover what food is best for your bird. Offer seeds only at meal time and along with other foods (like fresh food) until you see that your bird is eating enough to stay fit and healthy. Birds often do better with new diets when they are fed outside/away from the cage.

8. Water is the vital to your bird’s nutritional success. The water must be fresh and all bowls and containers should be thoroughly cleaned each day with hot water and soap. Adding a multivitamin to the bird’s water daily is a great practice until you know the bird is getting enough vitamins from the fruit and vegetables. Birds are great pets and feeding them properly allows them to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle and this practice can extend their life span.

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