Lifespan Of An Amazon Parrot

Amazon Parrot

As most large birds, the Amazon parrot lives long. The Amazon parrot lives to be around 50 years old if you take care of it. The longest Amazon parrot living was recorded to be 80 years old! If you take care of your parrot, maybe yours can be too.

The Amazon parrot can grow up to 18 inches! Amazon parrots need lots of exercises to stay healthy, but they often get bored left to themselves. To keep you parrot long-living, you must regularly play with your parrot.

Amazon parrots have a grey-brown iris. This changes when they turn 2/3.It will then change to a red, red-orange, or a chestnut- color. After this happens, it will be hard to tell how old your parrot is. Amazon parrot does, however, reach sexual maturity around 4/5. Keep this in mind if you’re planning on another parrot!

To keep your parrot long-living, here are some things you need to consider. Your parrot needs a big cage! It should be big enough so the Amazon parrot can fully stretch out its wings without hitting the cage. To keep from unwanted accidents, when your parrot is out from the cage, watch closely, making sure to still give it room. The Amazon Parrot is a social creature, but even Amazon Parrots need alone time. 

Amazon Parrots are fascinating birds. I hope you learned a little about what their lifespan is like. Remember this is you ever get a parrot of your own! 


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