Food for Parrots

When deciding on the right type of food for your parrots you also need to be mindful of what they would generally consume out there in the wilderness. Finding a diet that best suits their natural/wild diet is best and will help avoid health complications and problems. Your parrots food must consist of a variety of items but in the case of vegetables and fruits it is vital that they are as fresh as possible. And this means they are likely to go rotten much sooner and must be removed within a couple of hours of being given to your parrot.

Don’t let them feed on servings that have gone bad. If for any reason your feathery friend is not eating what you give him/her, try giving food for parrots during morning or afternoon/evening hours. This is because those times fit in well with the times they forage for food out there in the wild.

When looking at the food for parrots, you must ensure that vegetables make a large part of their diet. Different types of vegetables will have different nutritional values so always try to feed them a wide variety. Carrots, sweet potatoes and cucumbers are great. So are leafy greens, sweet peppers, cauliflower, broccoli and eggplant. You can also serve them green beans and eggplant. How you serve them does not  matter that much but you could look at serving vegetables as food for parrots in diced, squashed or cooked and warm. Just as vegetables are important when thinking of food for parrots, so are fruits and nuts.

In fact fruits are something they would often much prefer. And because they love fruits so much you are allowed to serve them pretty much any fruits you find. Other than common fruits such as apples, oranges and pears you could also look at more exotic/interesting options such as bananas, papaya, kiwi fruit and pomegranates. You can also include various types of berries, cantaloupes and nectarines. Your pet parrot might like some of these over others and there is no problem with allowing for some indulgence.

However always make it a point to mix up the different types of food served. Food for parrots is not restricted to fruits and veg. Seeds, especially sprouted varieties are great and are high on nutrition. Full in vitamins and energy, seeds are also usually favored by parrots. In addition to these common foods you could also add vitamin and mineral supplements to their food but may only be necessary if you feel they are not receiving the recommended nutrients through the food you give them. Sometimes though you will need to vary what you feed them and the times you do so based on your veterinarian’s advice in case of illness or complications.

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