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How Long Does A Parrot Live (Lifespan Of A Parrot)

Beautiful Parrot

    Now, how long does a parrot live (parrot lifespan)? This is a question many people want to know and the chances are if you have clicked on this article you also want to know the lifespan of a parrot and of the type(s) of parrot you are considering. In fact, you may have been told all species have similar lifespans but this is false, part of the reason I am answering the question “how long does a parrot live” is the estimated lifespan of a […]

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A Beginners Guide To Parrot Keeping

African Grey Parrot

                    Introduction Hello and thank you for clicking on this article. My name is Fancy Vancy and I own this website called practical parrot where you can find more interesting content and products. Anyway, this article is a beginners guide to owning and caring for a parrot. I will go in depth as much as I can and it will be updated regularly. You may want to do more research other than reading this article, however, this article […]

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Parrot Cages

When it comes to parrot cages/homes, you must remember that there is a lot of information that you need to get hold of. First and foremost, what you must know is what exactly the breed of the parrot is. This would help you see what kind of parrot cages are available for you to purchase. At the end of the day you need to ensure that you get hold of a cage that has the right size. You cannot for instance have a small cage for a […]

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Parrot Food

If you are the owner of an exotic bird, you will 100% want to check out what the various food options are. As you may already have been informed, there are a fantastic many sites that offer parrots food for your perusal. Having got that out of the way, you need to be sure that the food you do give your bird, is properly formulated for its needs. All in all, it definitely is in the best interest if you and your pet to find out as […]

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Green Parrots

Birds have been very much associated with humans from early ages so like a lot of other animals they have become one of our most preferred pets of all time. Out of birds too, there are a  few make loyal pets. Parrots are at the top when it comes to domestic pet birds. Many Americans as well as people all over the globe understandably show a great liking towards parrots and end up keeping them as pets. There are many different choices when it comes to parrots. […]

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