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Why Parrots Can Talk


You may be wondering, “Why can parrots talk?” Well, I have the answer for you! The answer may surprise you! Scientists have been studying this for years. Some have thought it was due to hardwiring in their brains. They suspected it also has to do with the reason some parrots dance to music. Other scientists thought it was because parrots in the wild mimic other birds to communicate. So when they hear their owners speaking, they mimic them to communicate. Peer pressure. You may be wondering what […]

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Can Parrots Eat Grapes


Can parrots eat grapes? Well, the answer to that question is yes!  Grapes are a hit to almost all birds! Grapes are very sweet and contain lots of fructose. Grapes can work to give your bird an energy boost! Because of that, they shouldn’t be fed to your parrot often.  Even though grapes are good, if your parrot eats too much, they can lead to obesity and many other problems for your bird. For your parrots to eat grapes, just make sure you give them as a […]

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Can Parrots Eat Tomatoes


Are parrots allowed to eat tomatoes? I have the answer to that question for you! The answer is if you watch and be careful with them.  Tomatoes are high in acidity. This means that ulcers can occur in your parrot if they eat tomatoes. Dried tomatoes, without sulfur, can be given like grapes, sparingly. The tomato itself is sometimes okay, the vines and leaves are dangerously poisonous. If you own a parrot and want to give it some tomatoes, just make sure that you know the dangers, […]

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Can Parrots Eat Bananas


Do you want to let your parrot eat a ripe yellow banana? Good news for you, you can! Bananas are perfectly fine for your parrot. Bananas are a healthy and delicious food. Thay are naturally sodium, cholesterol, and fat-free! Before you give the yummy and proteinful fresh fruit to your bird, you have to rinse off the banana to rinse away pesticide or other chemicals. Dried bananas are another story. If the banana has been dried with Sulfur Dioxide, your parrot can not eat it. Many humans […]

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Can Parrots Eat Blueberries


Blueberries are delicious. That is a known fact. Can parrots eat this delicious fruit, though? The short answer is yes, your parrot can have these fibre and copper filled fruits.  Blueberries are packed with nutrition, and vitamins K and C. Parrots can eat them as long as they’re washed before consuming. Some parrots like to eat them from bowls, others from their claws. As long as they’re washed parrots can eat them however they choose. One thing to be careful of is, don’t let them have it […]

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Can Parrots Eat Celery


Celery is a healthy vegetable. Parrots can eat celery but it’s not recommended. The celery itself is fine, but the strings can cause constipation and/or crop impaction. Celery has many health benefits. Are they worth it? No, other foods offer the same health benefits as celery. So, if you can prevent your parrot from eating it, please do. Some parrots can eat celery just fine. Some other parrots can become sick and be at serious risk for death. Keep this in mind before you feed celery to […]

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Can Parrots Eat Oranges


Oranges are really acidic. You can allow your bird to eat oranges. But you MUST limit the amount they eat. If you want to give your parrot some orange juice, that is okay! Try to water down the juice as much as possible. After its diluted, the portions should be relatively small compared to the size of your parrot.  Oranges are great for vitamin C, A, and B. Oranges also have potassium and dietary fibre. Oranges could be a good healthy, occasional treat for your pet parrot. […]

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Can Parrots Eat Cheese


Is cheese a healthy and safe snack for your parrot! Short answer, not in the slightest bit! Most parrots are partially lactose intolerant. Being partially lactose intolerant means they can eat and drink dairy, but they have a hard time processing and digesting it if it has a high concentrate of lactose. Some hard cheeses are low in lactose, so they occasionally can be fed to your bird, as long as they are small portions. If you have fed your bird cheese, watch its faecal matter. If […]

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Lifespan Of An Amazon Parrot

Amazon Parrot

As most large birds, the Amazon parrot lives long. The Amazon parrot lives to be around 50 years old if you take care of it. The longest Amazon parrot living was recorded to be 80 years old! If you take care of your parrot, maybe yours can be too. The Amazon parrot can grow up to 18 inches! Amazon parrots need lots of exercises to stay healthy, but they often get bored left to themselves. To keep you parrot long-living, you must regularly play with your parrot. Amazon […]

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15 African Grey Parrot Facts

african grey parrot

#1•African Grey Parrots don’t have good mental stability African Grey Parrots, can not go to the owner to owner throughout their lifetime. They will become attached to their first owner. So if you’re not ready to have a pet with you for your life, African Grey Parrots aren’t for you!   #2• African Grey Parrots are very smart African Grey Parrots are so smart, they need toys to challenge them. They need puzzle toys, and foraging toys. African grey Parrots after maturity have been shown to have […]

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