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Custom Embroidered Parrot Patches

What are custom embroidered patches? Custom embroidered patches are custom made patches that you design or have designed in a way that suits you. Embroidered patches come in different shapes and styles. The main styles include: Velcro Iron on Self-adhesive Sew on Plastic backing Magnetic Custom embroidered patches allow you to express your self and your interests in a way that suits you and your fashion tastes. Custom embroidered parrot patches Custom embroidered parrot patches are a great way for you to express your love for parrots. […]

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Parrots who talk

Which parrot can talk

  So, the big question, which parrots can talk. Well, I have the answer for you. The parrot species don’t really matter. It is mainly the smartness of the bird. But I have some that actually can mimic the sound of a human, or anything from the wild which includes sounds, noises or even nature sounds. Talking parrots are birds that can mimic the speech/sounds of humans. There is an argument within the science department over whether some mimicking parrots also have some cognitive understanding of the […]

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Parrots in Australia

Red Parrot

Australian Parrots Introduction (Talking about Australian parrots): Australia is home to many rare animals but, in the depths of Australia there are animals like parrots which we are talking about today. Species of Australian parrots: There are 56 species of parrot found/native to Australia. It includes parrots like cockatoos, lorikeets, rosellas, ringneck and budgerigars. Most wild parrots live in the hot areas of the Southern Hemisphere, though they can be found in many other regions of the earth, such as northern Mexico. Australia, South America and Central […]

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Parrot Types/Types Of Parrot

          Parrot Types/Types Of Parrot   Introduction: There are so many parrots in the world that no one hardly talks about the species, so I am going to be telling you how to spot different species and how many species there are in the world. Amount of species: There are 402 species of birds which make up the order of Parrots, most commonly known as Psittacines. Out of all of them, one of them is the rarest, and that is the Spix’s Macaw […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Parrots


Introduction: Parrots can be really amusing creatures to have in a home. If well trained and looked after, they will live for a very, very long time. They are brilliant at learning things quickly which of course, includes mimicking most noises they hear. A few of the breeds are exceptionally good talkers with the lovely African Grey parrot being the best of them. The world’s largest parrot is the hyacinth macaw, found in South America, at about 1 meter (40 inches) long. But it’s not the heaviest […]

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How Long Does A Parrot Live (Lifespan Of A Parrot)

Beautiful Parrot

    Now, how long does a parrot live (parrot lifespan)? This is a question many people want to know and the chances are if you have clicked on this article you also want to know the lifespan of a parrot and of the type(s) of parrot you are considering. In fact, you may have been told all species have similar lifespans but this is false, part of the reason I am answering the question “how long does a parrot live” is the estimated lifespan of a […]

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A Beginners Guide To Parrot Keeping

African Grey Parrot

                  Introduction Hello and thank you for clicking on this article. My name is Fancy Vancy and I own this website called practical parrot where you can find more interesting content and products. Anyway, this article is a beginners guide to owning and caring for a parrot. I will go in depth as much as I can and it will be updated regularly. You may want to do more research other than reading this article, however, this article will […]

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