15 African Grey Parrot Facts

#1•African Grey Parrots don’t have good mental stability

African Grey Parrots, can not go to the african grey parrotowner to owner throughout their lifetime. They will become attached to their first owner. So if you’re not ready to have a pet with you for your life, African Grey Parrots aren’t for you!


#2• African Grey Parrots are very smart

African Grey Parrots are so smart, they need toys to challenge them. They need puzzle toys, and foraging toys. African grey Parrots after maturity have been shown to have the same intelligence as a toddler!


#3• They need exercise

African Grey Parrots can travel up to 15 Kilometers day in their natural habitat.

If you adopt an African Gray Parrot, it needs plenty of exercises to match what they get normally!


#4• African Grey Parrots are monogamous 

This type of parrot only mates with one bird at a time. African Grey parrots also bi-parent, which means both parents take care of the chicks, not just one.


#5• African Grey Parrots are very social

When out in their natural habitat, the African Grey Parrot lives with many other of its kind. When they are domesticated, this does not happen. So your parrot may rip out its feathers due to stress.


#6• They were once endangered

In 2016, many people wanted these particular parrots as pets. This led to them being sold into the pet trade, so many African Grey Parrots were sold into it,  they were considered an endangered species.


#7• Redtails

Many don’t know that some African Grey Parrots have a red tail feather. Some of these parrots can be completely red,


#8• Diet 

African Grey Parrots eat a regime similar to most other parrots. They mainly eat fruits, but they also eat nuts, seeds, and insects!


#9• Family 

Female African Grey Parrots lay 2-5 eggs. The female will incubate the eggs for about 4 weeks until they hatch. When they hatch, the male will bring food. 


#10• Communication

African grey Parrots live together in large flocks. They will communicate with each other with, squawks, whistles, and screams.


#11• A million Birds

The population of the African Grey Parrot is said to be around 0.63 to 13 million of these birds living. The population is slowly decreasing.


#12• Predators

Natural predators of the parrot are a variety of hawks and falcons. Monkeys, on the other hand, try to steal their eggs rather than the parrot.


#13• More than one

There is more than one type of African Grey Parrots. The most common are the Congo African Grey, and Timneh African Grey.


#14• Wingspan

The African Grey Parrots wingspan can get up to 52 inches long.


#15• Chocolate 

African Grey Parrots can’t consume chocolate! There is a chemical called theobromine that is deadly to this type of bird. If consumed, your parrot will die


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